Why we partnered with Doggi Style

Doggi Style is a style-conscious dog brand that designs fashion and lifestyle accessories for the modern dog owner. The brand has a deliberately minimal aesthetic that only uses black and white. As the name implies, there’s nothing cute or cuddly about Doggi Style – the designs are simple + clean and embrace the use of white space. But it’s not all about aesthetics, they put a lot of thought into the form and function of their goods as well. 
Doggi Style was created by Lionel Wong, the designer behind local streetwear line Bad Etiquette, and Katherine Flores, the PR engine behind some of Canada’s top fashion and lifestyle brands. They found it hard to find dog accessories that fit with their personal aesthetic, almost everything in the dog space is colourful, cute, and cuddly. So they created Doggi Style, a passion project that brings together their love for dogs, fashion, design, and decor.
The name Doggi Style is twofold. It speaks directly to what they do, creating stylish goods for dogs as well as bringing a touch of attitude to the brand. They do this for themselves and like-minded, fashion-forward consumers who care about their personal style and the space they call home. Their goal is to create a line of dog accessories that fits almost seamlessly into your life and doesn't scream ‘this is my dog’s stuff.'
Design is at the core of everything they do, from their logo to their patterns, to the shape and style of everything they make. They’ll be launching Holiday 2015 with a small capsule collection of fashion and lifestyle accessories, but for now they're really excited to be working with World of Angus on their game changing Dog Bed! 
Learn more at doggistyle.ca and follow them on Instagram: @ilovedoggistyle


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